Credits and kudos

My counseling group
The counseling group and especially the counselor, who have helped me to understand a few self-worth problems. I can't say too much more due to privacy concerns, but they were all great people.

Life Renewal Institute

A special thanks to the Life Renewal Institute, which provied the counseling course called The Journey, which was used during the counseling sessions. I highly recommend that program, which comes in four parts: The Passenger, The Mode, The Route, and The Destination. If you can find an appropriate group and guide (which I was fortunate enough to be "ambushed" by) it is an excellent program to help you understand why your life is less than optimum.


Maggie (Margaret) is my mother, who encouraged me at the right time when I was thinking about doing this.
DreamHost is the internet service provider for If you register using the link above, 2-bits gets credit. Please do note that the actual blog is a Google tools ...

Google Blogger

For the actual blog itself, I use Google Blogger.  Originally, I had planned to do only comics with some commentary. When I later decided to go with a full blog, I converted the 6 entries on my original site to a blog with about 12 hours work.
Apache PHP
Apache produces the PHP web software that I used to develop some things on

Creative Commons

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