Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free Market 911

Chris at Information Liberation presents Listen To The Way This Rude Dispatcher Handled Charles Ramsey's 911 Call... an article of 911 aberrations. (Note: I originally wrote my free-market examples in comments to that article.)

The article starts with the handling of one Charles Ramsey's call to 911 about the woman trying to break out of the house next door. Okay, I listened to it and, while I would prefer to be charitable, Mr. Ramsey has a problem forming coherent, connected sentences that actually convey useful information. The dispatcher did get a bit frustrated but overall, I think, handled the call fairly well.

There's apparently some people who don't agree.

What a Shock: It's Unfair

There's shock in the progressive world because the people in West, Texas, will have to pay property taxes for the full value of their house that no longer exists.

What a shock: A government bureaucracy has an unfair process.