Sunday, December 25, 2011

Three Identical People

Above are a legal immigrant, an illegal immigrant, and a U. S. Citizen, all of whom appear nearly identical.

Question. According to South Carolina Law (temporarily blocked): Which is which?

Answer. It's a trick question. The legal immigrant is the one on the right, as established by the papers he has in his inner pocket. When a South Carolina officer demands, "Your papers, wetback," he can produce them.

(Some might not appreciate the demeaning "wetback", but this is a suspected illegal alien, so he has to take it and like it—no need for your average belligerent law officer to be polite to him. [After note: So you think officers wouldn't do that? See item #7 in this article.])

Of the other two, the illegal immigrant is being sent home to Mexico, or maybe Guantanamo, depending on the mood of the officer.

And so is the U. S. Citizen: He forgot to bring his papers.

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