Saturday, July 7, 2012

"I'm Allowed to Rob You?" Rubbish.

I just watched part of the "I'm Allowed to Rob You" presentation by Larken Rose. (I had to give it up when it reached the point of total inanity.)

It is total rubbish.

It ignores that the Constitution was ratified by every state in existence at that time, by the representatives of the citizens.

It ignores that every state that joined the union since that time had to accede to the Constitution as a condition of joining.

It ignores that one of the express purposes of the Constitutional convention was to provide for financing for the federal government.

Because Mr. Rose didn't sign the Constitution personally, he considers taxation as robbery.

Because Mr. Rose didn't sign the Constitution personally, he would no doubt also claim his "Rights" to rob, murder, rape, pillage, extort, enslave, maim, destroy, or pollute; to do anything whatsoever that he might please to do.

Because that's what he's saying: That he is is own little sovereign nation that shouldn't have to do anything required by Law or the Constitution. Because he didn't sign it personally.

P. S.
And the best part of all: The First Amendment that gives him the right to post this, is part of the Constitution that he repudiates. So this has to qualify as one of the worst uses of the First Amendment, ever.

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