Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a Shock: It's Unfair

There's shock in the progressive world because the people in West, Texas, will have to pay property taxes for the full value of their house that no longer exists.

What a shock: A government bureaucracy has an unfair process.

But, it was that way last year, not just this year. Suppose, just suppose, that someone's house burned down last year in April. In May, the government would have told that person, "Too bad. You still have to pay full value on the charcoal skeleton."

Why is it that we accept unfairness like that...ever?

It's obvious, really: We have become inured to bureaucracy, which likes hidebound rules without exceptions, even if the lack of those exceptions is unfair.

Just how unfair can these get? Well, consider the case of Willie Jerome Manning. I have no idea if he is innocent or not, but most people feel it is fair that his DNA evidence should be reviewed.

But not the state: No, they've followed all the procedures they have to follow before executing him, so they're done. Too bad if he's innocent; because guilt or innocence isn't relevant, just the bureaucratic rules.

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