Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fetuses and Cows Jumping Over the Moon

This may not be the dumbest thing I ever heard, but it ranks right up there: Oklahoma State GOP Senator Ralph Shortey wants to outlaw use of fetuses in in food production.

While he's at it, why don't doesn't he waste even more time banning the use of fetuses in research related to cows jumping over the moon?

Oh, yeah, I realize they aren't doing that now: But they aren't using fetuses for food now either, so either law has just as much value.

You elected him folks: Aren't you proud?

UPDATE MAY 13, 2012
I have to "eat crow" on this one.

It appears that someone in China has been using fetal remains to create supplement pills.

I didn't think anyone in the world had nerve to do that, but I guess anything is possible. So I guess a ban is needed.

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