Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthers, Exposed


I put off writing about this, but the last full week of January, a judge ruled that Obama needed to testify in yet another "Birther" case.

The Birthers just won't give up. For three years, they hassled him endlessly to, "Produce the certificate;" by which they meant his "long-form" birth certificate.

Finally he did (you can see it here).

Did the Birthers give up? Of course not, because it's not really about where he was born, it's about the color of his skin and his political beliefs.

The Birthers have never been able to produce a shred of credible evidence that Obama was born anywhere else. In fact, the individual who filed this case, Orly Taitz, was fined $20,000 for filing a frivolous lawsuit; for a previous Birther lawsuit.

But it goes on, and it will until Obama is no longer in office.

It's the only straw they have.

On February 3, the judge ruled that Obama is eligible to be on the Georgia ballot. No doubt they feel he is yet another conspirator (in concealing Obama's non-residency).
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "posse" has ruled that, with respect to the president's long-form birth certificate, "there is probable cause to believe that fraud and forgery occurred".

You really didn't think the birthers were just going to "give up", did you?

The birthers are back, in Newest Birther Conspiracy Involves The CIA, A Secret DNA Test, Edward Snowden, And A Missing Nuclear Weapon. This time, Michael Shrimpton says he has DNA to prove the Obama was born in Kenya. (He got it by "bagging and tagging" Obama's water glass after a fundraising dinner.) Mr. Shrimpton has also stated he has proof that Stanley Ann Dunham is not Obama's birth mother.

Still not giving up...

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  1. This is such a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Obama has not been a great president. Honestly, there are plenty of legitimate things they could nitpick. Oddly, this conspiracy probably draws attention away from the real failings, like hiring someone from Monsanto to oversee the FDA or deciding to compromise just when he was looking like he had a spine. Instead, we have to demand his long form birth certificate. Again. And Again. And Again. Ad Nauseum.