Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do Democrats Matter?

Just like the donkey at Donkey Point (right), the Democrats daily tilt against the Right Wing Express...and lose.

It's disappointing. I'm a Democrat and, frankly, have to wonder if I'm not wasting my money and loyalty on a political party that no longer has relevance.

Take the current budget/borrowing limit argument: The Democrats have conceded over and over, and now are at the point of agreeing to cut every single social program.

But no programs that subsidize business are being cut, or military programs; and the Republicans are adamant that no increases of revenue of any type can be passed (except, of course, for the tax increase they already imposed on the middle class).

The contest is completely one-sided: The Republicans always win and the Democrats always lose. In every office, in every legislature, it's just the same: The Republicans do whatever they please and the Democrats meekly agree. If it weren't so serious it would be comical: The Republicans could switch their icon to "Roadrunner" and the Democrats to "Wiley E. Coyote" and have the daily "Roadrunner Show".

As a Democrat, I find myself asking why I should support a party that does nothing to support my ideals. I joined the party in the first place because the Republican party shared none of my ideals and I wanted to support its opposition. Now I find I have joined a party that loses all battles and opposes nothing; not in any meaningful way.

Do Democrats matter anymore?

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